Boxing Maastricht 2011

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Maastricht 2011
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Welcome to Boxing Maastricht – we have gone straight into the meetings and as with all dance, some movement was of course expected. Whilst this page will be continuously  updated during the  month working towards the exhibition on 8th and 9th of October, here are the initial photos to keep you informed of the progress. Photos and videos will be on here for the exhibition, but for now enjoy the first photos below.

Luc Boyer & Bart de Leeuw




(with Choreographer Catoke Kramer at a later date)

When Luc and Bart met there was an instant understanding that this project would be something different. They talked a bit about their worlds then we went into this disused fire station.

Amy Gale & Sofie Konings

(with Choreographer Alida Dors at a later date)




During the project ‘Lichtjaren’ we will meet a well-established dancer and a young dancer at the beginning of their dancing life. Amazing meetings followed. How privileged am I to be a part of this project and see the two of them on the floor collaborating. Two different energies develop in one new scene. They share the same passion, the passion for movement and dance. It is a process and it is wonderful to see. We breathe because we move. And in this project we grow. I only want to see more of it because by bringing together the energies of young and old magical things are happening. It shows us how beautiful the body is. It is promising. I can tell you that…

And it is only the beginning!

By Gysèle ter Berg (Production Manager Lichtjaren)

The Video

Boxing Maastricht 2011

The Documentation


  1. Amazing Pictures…. thank you Lara

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