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Dance is diverse. Dance reaches across the ages. During the next edition of the Nederlandse Dansdagen, the festival will be reflecting on the different generations. Every person’s life passes through different phases; as the body grows older, it starts echoing history. Personal history becomes lodged in the skin. The way an older dancer communicates with an audience will differ from the way an adolescent or a child would.



A reminiscence project with participants of elderly inhabitants and immigrant children who have moved into the region. This multicultural intergenerational project allows the community to include new ways of dialogue and living  together.


In 2011 the project takes place in Bari, Bassano del Grappa, London and Maastricht.  Boxing is supported by the European Cultural Foundation, Comune di Bassano del Grappa, Kismet Teatro OperA Bari, Nederlandse Dansdagen Photofeature,The Place, Leica Camera AG, Manfrotto and Carterie Tassotti.